While I’m working for the first time with Raspberry Pi I noticed the lacking of a website that offer you some project and some ideas for working with this fantastic tool. For this reason I create this website with the aim to share our project and ideas.
In the project section I would like create a collection of projects that you can do with Raspberry Pi, tutorial about how I made it and downloads for all file that you need  to do the projects.
I’d like to make simple and offers everyone the possibility to working with Raspberry Pi and its software.
I hope that togheter we can create some project and make them available to all.
If you want to present your project please contact me and I will pubblish your project or your idea in this page.
My idea is to share our creation and help ourself to improve them!
If you are a beginner or you are intrested please contact me and I’ll help you or I’ll share your project with all people, this is a fantastic world and I hope to send you my passion.


I call my first project HCP it is an onboard computer for my car with bluetooth and navigation sistem and also I can use it as media center to watch films paly music or whatever you want in my car and in my house. You can find the description here.
HCP is my biggest project and I hope you like it!