Android Auto on Raspberry Pi

Hi guys this time I will show you how to install Android Auto on Raspberry Pi 3! This software brings you a navigation system, music player, apps, communication, voice command and more. The only thing you have to do is flash the image file to the SD card and connect your phone with Android Auto installed to your Raspberry Pi with a USB cable.

It’s a cool and useful project so let’s start with the hardware that you need:

  1. Raspberry PI 3 Model B 
  2. Raspberry Display Touchscreen 7”

The software that we are going to use are:

  1. Etcher (to write the image on the SD card)
  2. Android Auto for Raspberry Pi (DOWNLOAD)

First download Etcher from this link and open it, then select the image file that you have downloaded and the SD card (I personally recommend an 8Gb SD card) and click on the write button to install the image file!


Before booting our Rasperry Pi we need to change some things:                                                        after flashing, go to your SD card and open the “config.txt” file and add at the bottom of the file those lines:

  • hdmi_group=2
  • hmdi_mode=1
  • hdmi_mode=87
  • hdmi_drive=1
  • hdmi_cvt 1024 600 60

You need those lines to use your screen without problem.

The last thing to do is boot your Pi and connect your Phone! The first boot will take a while and after that, you can find a menu with all the new features of your project. Set everything as you wish and connect your phone. Don’t forget to install Android Auto on your device!

It’s done! It’s very simple and I find it very cool so don’t wait and try this fantastic project with your Raspberry Pi running Android Auto!