Robo HAT MM1 for Raspberry Pi

Robo HAT MM1 is a board for your Raspberry Pi created by Robotics Masters. They are gearing up to crowdfound their HAT, which is designed to remove the initial barriers to starting any robotics project by providing all the hardware you need in one.

The wide compatibility with many open source software libraries such as CircuitPython, SeeSaw, and Arduino IDE gives you many options for your project. The board have the standard HAT dimensions (65mm x 56.5mm) and have a 48 MHz SAM D21G processor (256K internal Flash, 8 MiB SPI External Flash Storage). Robo HAT MM1 is supported by all Raspberry Pi model (B+, 2B/2B+, 3B/3B+, A+/3A+, and Zero/W) and power options include onboard 5V regulator, LiPo battery charger, battery pass-through, and an independent servo power rail.

The MM1 HAT offers you a lot of connection options, including 24 programmable I/Os with 9X general I/O, 8X 16-bit servo outputs (programmable up to 24-bit), 6X direct to Raspberry Pi connectors (SW programming, Control, Serial Console), 4X 16-bit RC controller input, NeoPixel output and JST DroneCode compliant connectors (GPS, UART, SPI, I2C). This board is also equipped with Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer in IMU (MPU-9250), Current Sensor (INA219) and additional space for more sensors in the future (pressure sensor, duel IMU).

This fantastc board offers you the opportunity to realize all your project so keep update and sing up for their notification email on the company’s at Crowd Supply page.