Steam Link on Raspberry Pi

Hi everyone this time I’d like to show you a good project for all Steam users, We are talking about steam link. This services allows you to stream all your game on steam through wifi and use steam on your tv or any otheer monitor connected to Raspberry Pi. It’s a very simple project but maybe it’s usefull for someone of you.


  1. Raspberry Pi (better 3 or 3 B+)
  2. 8 Gb SD Card
  3. Ethernet Cable (for better performance)


We need to install Raspbian to run steam link, if you don’t know how to do that visit my Beginnin page for all steps and information about it.

After your installation run:

sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get install steamlink

first command for update the sistem and the second one for install the steamlink software. You can run the software form Game menù or with command:


All it’s ready, now you need to run steam on your PC and follow the instruction on Raspberry Pi.

ATTENTION: make sure to connect Raspberry Pi and your PC to she same network.

I recommend you to use ethernet connection if you don’t have a very better internet connection or you can find lag while you palying.

Very very simple as you see but I think it can be usefull. Hope you like it! I leave you some frequently question than can help you.

The game is choppy and unresponsive. How can I improve the experience?

Using a wired network is strongly recommended with the Raspberry Pi.

You can also try switching to the ‘Fast’ streaming quality option from the Streaming settings in the Steam Link. You can find out more information about improving wireless experience here.

Can I use the Steam Controller in Bluetooth mode?

Bluetooth mode is not supported on the Raspberry Pi. The wireless dongle that came with your Steam Controller is lower latency and works well. Your Steam Controller can be paired with the dongle in the controller settings in the Steam Link app.

Can I use surround sound?

Surround sound works using HDMI multi-channel PCM. If your sound system only supports encoded surround sound (AC3, Dolby DTS, etc.) you should use Stereo audio streaming settings