How to install full Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi 3

Hi everyone, this time I’d liketo show you How to install full Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi 3. With full version I mean not Windows 10 IoT that you can Install with Noobs but a full version for ARM processor so for our Raspberry Pi!


For this project we don’t need special accessory for our Pi but we just need:

File to build Software

For this project We don’t have an “.iso” file to write on our SD card but we have all the driver to create one at this links on GitHub, you can download all driver from download button and proced to create your image file.

In the link below you can download the working directory with all the file that you can write on your SD card but I’d like to show you how to create it because this Windows’ version have some instable driver and probably in the next future you have to update your OS and you need to write a new “.iso” file.

First thing that you have to do is download the driver that you can find in the first link that I gave you before, after the download go into the zip file extract  and navigate into:

RaspberryPiPkg-master > Binary > prebuild > 2018May18-GCC49-WoA-17125-only

and now extract the DEBUG folder.

In the file that you downloaded from the second link that I gave you before you have to extract all files in the driver-prebuld and winpe_stuff directory in a new folder called system32.

After that go into this website to get all tool the allow you to build Windows on your SD card and set all the option as the picture below and download it from the link on the right side.

When the download is finished extract the zip file and launch the file called “creatingISO.cmd” this process maybe take some time it dipends from your internet connection, after that you have created an iso file but we don’t need all things so open it and copy in your working directory only the zip file called install.wim in the sources directory.

Building Software and write Windows 10 Image file

For this process you need to create a new folder called “mountedflie” (the name is not important but help me to explain you how to do this steps) and run some command from cmd as administrator open it with admin permission and navigate into your working directory using:

  1. cd “your working directory path” (for exaple: cd C:UsersYourNameDocuments)

And after you are in the working directory that contains all files that you have downloaded and extracted with command prompt type in sequece:

  1. dism /mount-image /imagefile:install.wim /Index:1 /MountDir:mountedfile
  2. dism /image:mountedfile /add-driver /driver:system32 /recurse /forceunsigned
  3. dism /unmount-wim /mountdir:mountedfile /commit

After this command insert your SD card and with Minitool partition (that you can downlod here) create 2 partition called BOOT and Windows as in the video below:

When you have the 2 partition on your SD card copy all file in the DEBUG folder on your BOOT partition and after that type the following command on your prompt (F: is the Windows partition and E: is the BOOT partition so be carefoul and change is if necessary):

  1. dism /apply-image /imagefile:install.wim /index:1 /applydir:F:
  2. bcdboot F:Windows /s E: /f UEFI
  3. bcdedit /store E:EFIMicrosoftBootbcd /set {default} testsigning on
  4. bcdedit /store E:EFIMicrosoftBootbcd /set {default} nointegritychecks on

First booting and enjoy with Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi

Now you need to create a .reg file and and place into Windows partition of your Raspberry Pito skip all the preconfiguration at start up, to create it simlpe copy and paste this line into Notepad and save as with the name finish.reg and select all file (be carefoul not .txt):

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Only thing that you have to do is place the SD card on your Raspberry Pi and boot it up, in the first boot we need to set an account so when booting give an error write in the command prompt

  • mmc

After that navigate file > Add and Remove Snapin > Computer Managment and select Local Computer, confirm and in the menu on the left navigate into Local User section open User foledr and double click on Administrator, set name, unchek Account disabled option and confirm, now right click on Administrator and select your account to set the password and confirm all steps. After that you have create the account return into command promt and type:

  • cd
  • regedit regi.reg
  • shoutdownd /r /t 0

Now your Pi rebooting in Windows 10 System, your Raspberry Pi is finally ready to work with Windows 10. I hope you like this project, see you soon!

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  1. Have you also a video turtorial for Building Software and write Windows 10 Image file?Understand merely train station!

    1. Hi falko
      Maybe I can help you without a video tell me your problem andI explain you how to do it. If it’s nt enough I will made a video for you

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